Connect Groups Week 1
Dealing with the Past
Pastor Danny Fernandez

Fear, Failure, and Pain are all emotions that we have or do have to fight. We are never alone.  There are many references in the Bible that discusses how the enemy uses these emotions against us, to pull us further from God.  God is with us all the time – and this week, you will learn how similar you are to everyone. Don’t let the enemy lie to you. Stay strong in community.

Connect Groups Week 2
Secrets to Success
Pastor Matt Jacobs

Jesus says there is a secret to success is UNITY.  It’s a secret weapon, because we don’t often TALK about it – doing things together.  Leveraging difficulties as opportunities as a community. Seeing what God has in store for you, but also the steps to get there.  How can you get where you’re going if you don’t know where you are starting? Are you positioned under God’s authority? UNITY is best experienced in a relationship – work, family, friends.

Ultimate goal in relationships is Intimacy. This week will discuss the realities of where you think you are at veresus where you actually are spiritually.

Connect Groups Week 3
Figuring Out the Financial Puzzle
Pastor Erik Kingsley

Some of the biggest struggles, if not THE biggest struggle, we encounter are finances.  What is it that we want out of life? Last week we discussed the pathway to success. This week we are going to talk about conquering that financial struggle.  Is there enough to give? Is there enough to share? Here’s the truth: Generosity produces gratitude. When God taps you on the shoulder and asks you to give away something that He gave to you, why do we fight it?  The Bible says, “God’s great blessing (or FAVOR) was on them all” because of their generosity. There is no denying that financial pressure is a heavy weight. God knows this. But yet, He still asks you to be generous, even when you don’t have extra.  Why? This week discusses how God has a plan for your finances.

Connect Groups Week 4
Conflict:  When We All 
Want to Win
Pastor Amber Gramling

There is no surprise that we can’t all win the same game at the same time.  We know there will be conflict in life, and when we are the ones in conflict it’s hard to not want to win that argument.  The key take away in this week’s lesson is how to respond when conflict arises. Even though we THINK the goal is to win, it’s actually to resolve the issue.

Connect Groups Week 5
The Journey to Success
Pastor Tyler Gramling

Sometimes it feels like God isn’t hearing us, that we will never achieve success.  There are too many bumps, too many hurdles, too many arguments, the tasks are inconvenient.  But the truth? It’s in the Bible, “He did this to humble you and test you”. God is always intentional and his plans are for you to have a journey that will teach you and make you wiser, so that you can truly ENJOY success. Often times, God will not take us directly to success, there will be detours, roundabouts, wins and losses.  It’s a scenic route, some would say. Is God your shepherd? Is he leading your daily life? It’s important to recognize if the flesh is leading your actions or your path, or is God? God will direct your path. This week will talk about ways to incorporate God into your daily lives, activities, to choose God – through thick and through thin.

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